Friday, August 01, 2008

imagination tribe and so much more...

wednesday was a busy busy day!! there was laundry and cleaning and shopping to be done and then promises to play games to be kept as well. and we got it all done just in time to head out to jonesborough!!!

playing othello with sadie (she always wins!!)

doing my best sean penn!

this is an actual game, i love how it turned out (that missing spot would be white, we have lost some pieces over the years)...sadie was white!!!

so we made it to "the cranberry thistle" for the first real life create and trade of imagination tribe's east tennessee tribe...that was a mouthful!!

it was a beautiful thing. there was good food and conversation. creating art and making messes. and there was friendship. that was my favorite part! we got some wonderful compliments on all our kids...and not the usual "oh they are so well behaved" but that they were so wonderfully engaged. i really liked that.

the kids had so much fun that early the next morning they got out all the supplies again, set up the card table and starting making more cards. it was an all day event. i only tried to pick up once!! aren't you proud of me?? i looked around at one point and told myself, this mess is beautiful!!! i looked at the kids and how absorbed they were in their was just beautiful!! so i embraced the lovely mess...and if you know me, you know that's a big deal!! we even went to bed with some of the mess still intact...oh my!!

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silas really got into it more than i've ever seen of him before...he made so many cards!!

getting our groove on

lovely mess!!

this is the face you have to make when you're being artsy fartsy!!

i knew the tv cabinet was good for something!!

samuel tuckered!

late night silliness and dramedy!!



Ren said...

Ok,that's a great word...."dramedy".

You know how I love the concept of "beautiful mess" and I think ATC's make especially beautiful messes!:)

Now I'm longing for some of those luscious cards you all made. siiiigggghhhh.....
(can't you hear the longingness in that sigh?)

Ren said...

Also, I think this would be a great one for the blog carnival!:)

laura said...

the dramedy was over "so you think you can dance"...i think, about someone going home that i wanted to stay...MARK!!!

i was thinking of using this for the day in the life...but i'm hoping to actually do one tomorrow about today. if i don't get time (we might be heading to knoxville to visit my sister for her birthday and to see the new baby) i'll just use this one! =)

i might just try to get to it tonight...HMMM...