Tuesday, August 19, 2008

heather's night

i'm a little (a lot?) late on posting about this right??? anyway...

on august 5th, we went down to the acoustic coffeehouse for originals night to watch heather perform! we were really excited and weren't sure when she was going on so we got there early...like 7:30!! it was all quiet in there, no music!! so we ordered some smoothies for the kids and sat and talked awhile. heather got there sometime after 8 and we got to visit with her and her sick self...she was sporting a dayquil dowsed cold but ready to sing anyway! we thought we might be the only heather fans there that night but soon others started trickling in. it was exciting to see all our friends from sofh showing up as well as a few of heather's other friends. she had the place packed!! we ordered some food and drinks and watched a few of the first sets while quietly anticipating heather's stage time. which seemed to never ever ever come!!! they kept pushing her back and pushing her back. i finally told heather that because she had such a big crowd there to see her that they were trying to keep us there for as long as possible as we were all ordering food and drinks...they did not want to see us go anytime soon. that made her feel better =)!!

finally, it was time for her to go on...it was around 10:30!!! we were all very very excited. we gathered the kids up (they had been playing in and around and all over while waiting) for the show and settled in down front. she started off the set with "beautiful stillness" and a hush came over the crowd that had not been there all night, even while other performers were on. beautiful stillness indeed! it gave me goose bumps. i sang along like the crazy eyed fan of hers that i am. she did a full set that included a new one that i hadn't heard before and it got the crowd hooting...LIES LIES LIES!!! it was so awesome to see her let go of the nervousness she had been feeling and just perform like she did that sort of thing every single night.



Ren said...

Beautiful Stillness rocks! Heather rocks! Acoustic coffeehouse rocks! But mostly my friends ROCK! Oh yeah baby.;)

I was really there...you have proof. We may have to make a pact that you can only post one crazy-open-mouth picture per event. ha!

laura said...

har har...i wondered if you'd hate me for all those wonderful shots. but i figure i do enough of them myself i've got to let someone else in on the fun!!!

last night sadie and sierra came down and asks where heather's cd was and they took it upstairs and were listening to it and singing along...it was great!!! i think they played "beautiful stillness" over and over a few times.