Tuesday, March 30, 2010


okay, so i haven't blogged in awhile. big surprise. i've got this idea in my head that i need to blog everything in chronological order and so when i get behind...i REALLY get behind!! i don't want to post new stuff because i haven't posted old stuff yet and so it goes. BUT, i've found lately that when doing a facebook status i'm having to delete spaces and exclamation points and WHOLE words to fit in under the 420 word limit. so i'm thinking i probably need to start blogging again just to have space to say all the stuff i want to say. that said, here's a new post!!!

last night, after derby practice, we went to acoustic coffeehouse next door. it was transformed into the church of amy steinberg and we were seriously in need of the gospel according to amy. opening for her was our own teresa robinson! this was her first time playing for a public audience. it was an honor to witness that. she's a tiny girl with a powerful voice that i would've never suspected since she is just so quiet.

when amy took the stage for her soundcheck, i was all ears. i love this woman. she is such an inspiration. her music is soul feeding. and her voice ain't too shabby either. she makes a performance out of her sound check for goodness sakes!!! she moves the audience to participate with singing along and dancing and feeling everything she is putting out there on the stage.

i'm still recovering from the crud we've had around here, so i sat for most of the performance (just doing a little chair dancing) but a few times i was moved to get up and dance. and sing. and shout. i'm sort of paying for it today. but it was totally worth it.

i told amy afterwards that i was thinking about the first time i saw her play. it was almost exactly 3 years ago, at the home of ben and kelly lovejoy. we didn't know anyone there except the jones family we brought with us!! it's amazing to think about that because many of the people that were there that weekend are now some of the most important people in my life. i sat way in the back of the yard that day. last night, i had a front row seat! it felt like she was singing to me all night. of course, it was a small venue so it would've felt that way no matter where i sat. although she did say at one point that she specifically wanted to make love to me...laura bowman...so i'm pretty sure the whole concert was just for my benefit.

we hung out for a little when it was over and helped pick up and pack up. samuel helped up on the stage and i, being the dorky documenting mom i am, had to get a picture...

the kids played with the cool old organ that sits in the back against the wall and said we really needed to get one of those. silas did a little stand up on stage that i didn't know about until he was done because i was talking with amy and ren near the door. i hate that i missed that. and sadie ran around with her posse as usual.

as we were leaving, i could feel the adrenaline rush start to fade and was reminded that i was sick. so after laughing and talking with the kids in the dining room (while scotty was trying to do some homework...oops!) i went to bed and fell asleep with amy's voice in my head...we go round and round and round and round and roooound.