Saturday, March 08, 2008

spring meme

miss CG tagged me. i wasn't gonna play. memes make my head spin. but i changed my mind and decided to be sociable.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger, and post these rules.
2. Share 5 wild crazy facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post, and list their names, linking to them.
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.
5. There should be five rules so I'm (CG) adding this one. Even though I didn't tag five people. And this isn't technically a rule. Go figure. (i had to leave this in because it made me laugh).

here are my 5 "wild crazy facts" that are going to be just off the top of my head. i cannot dig too deep for this. that would be dangerous for all involved.

1. every time i listen to music i imagine i'm on a stage as i'm singing and dancing along.

2. i type unbelievably fast. that skill is the ONLY thing i learned in high school that was useful. wanna race?

3. i cannot ever get my temperature regulated. i am constantly messing with the ac or heat in the car or putting the window up and down...and it drives scotty nuts. at the park, if it's a cool/sunny day i am on and off with my jacket all day long. in the summer i take a jacket with me everywhere because i am usually in a tank top and shorts and i will die of frost bite when i go inside somewhere with too much freakin ac. it will almost make me cry if i've forgotten my jacket and i end up at wal-mart in the vegetable or refrigerator sections.

4. if i look at my feet too long, they begin to look freakishly weird and unfamiliar. they look like monkey feet.

5. i am not afraid to dance in public places, the mall, grocery...wherever. if a song i love comes on, it cannot be helped.

who am i going to tag?? i never know enough people for these things. let's see:
that's it'. i would do ren, but CG already got her. i got nuthin'!!Share

Monday, March 03, 2008

no belly button exam today

we had a really nice day yesterday. it was WARM out!!!! i took the kids to the pal's drive-thru and then we went across the street to the playground of the university school. it was so pretty, i wished i had my camera. then i remembered i had my phone!! i wasn't sure how i'd get them on the computer but samuel said you can email them to yourself. so i tried it. and it worked! anyway...

i was looking out at the view of the fast food places and the big hotel and the road between and i asked the kids what they thought it would be like when/if society breaks down from all our over-consumption. i said it was interesting to think about how our grandparents would talk about how they used to walk everywhere and didn't have all the modern conveniences. and how they would probably one day start lots of sentences to their grandkids like this "why i remember when we used to go about in vehicles that could take you from here to there in a flash!!" and their grandkids would be all amazed and wide-eyed imagining such a world. we talked about what would be different then. sadie said she wouldn't want to live "like old times" because there were always wars then. samuel said there are wars now!! i said that i thought once all the crime and violence settled down that people would have to get to the business of figuring out how to live (if they hadn't been smart enough to do it before). i said i thought people would form small communities again. we imagined what the area we were sitting in might look like. i thought people would gravitate towards areas where certain things already were close together, shelters (homes and other buildings) and parks and areas for gardening. people with horses would be able to live further out but i think most people will eventually gravitate towards one another instead of away.

i told samuel that i thought artists would learn to use their creativity differently. he thought about that for awhile and he thought he would probably like to make games like he does now. then he suddenly realized all the things that would still be available, things that are already here but won't be made again (skateboards and bicycles and board games). we talked about how it's easy to think about it being like it was for people a long time ago but that it would be quite different for us because we would have so many things to use from modern times. but these things would run out or get old and people would be learning how to fix stuff instead of being able to just throw out and buy new.

we played for awhile until bathroom breaks were needed and we headed home. when everyone was ready, we walked down to the pet store on the corner. it was a lot nicer than i was expecting. they had rabbits, lots of snakes and lizards of all sorts, birds, hamsters, mice, etc. all the usual pet store finds. but it was clean and well organized. silas has decided he wants a snake. he used to want an iguana, but after all the research he decided it was probably more than he could take care of. he said it seemed like most lizards move around too much. i think after playing with the lizards in charleston he got to realizing that a cage was not the best place for any kind of lizard. i think that about snakes too, but he wants to learn more about them and then decide. we stayed right up until closing time and then we walked home. i told the kids how there used to be a dairy queen right there across from the pet store and samuel just said oh that would be dangerous. meaning, to have a DQ within walking distance would be so tempting to go all the time. a good excuse for "going for a walk!" yep, dangerous.

it was a good day and i got a much needed dose of sunshine. i about talked scotty's ear off when he got home. i get like that, really hyper when i've gotten sun and exercise. yeah, it was a good day.