Friday, August 15, 2008

the past is not as far away as it seems

the last 2 days we have had the pleasure of visiting with some really special friends of ours that we used to hang out with a lot before they moved to california. cheryl, brian, phoenix, aubrey, and sol...what a beautiful family!! cheryl was the first real-woman real-friend of my adult/mommy life. we met through a playgroup she started with other moms who had homebirths in the area. this was back in 2001. it seems like so long ago, but really it has flown by. after we moved to charleston in 2004, we sort of lost touch. but recently, as if the stars had it planned this way all along, i found her on the myspace page of her uncle plez and contacted her. just in time to find out they were planning a trip to tennessee. how's that for fate?!

we got together at warrior's path park on wednesday and it felt so good and natural, as if no time had passed at all! silas and phoenix hit it off immediately, like two matching souls...although they did not remember each other at all. of course not, they were all so little. samuel has a few memories, but he's the only one. i got to meet some of cheryl's friends and i really liked them! i found out that her friend ashleigh had been reading my blog recently and that was really cool, i felt so read and famous...LOL!! we played at the playground for awhile until the kids were so hot that we headed for the swimming area. but not before checking out a very cool, very bright green, but very freaky spider!!the water felt great!! we swam for awhile and then brian and cheryl's dad took the kids on the boat (samuel and sadie didn't want to go so they hung out with us moms).they had so much fun!!! as we were leaving (to avoid getting stormed on) we made plans for a quick drop by at our house the next day.

i woke up on thursday excited about sharing some more time with our friends and showing them our new place. i got a wonderfully unexpected visit from my friend heather (who is a huge fan of cheryl's uncle and i forgot to tell her that when they met) and then cheryl's family got there and we put lots of food on the table while the kids all went in every direction to play. sadie, rowan, and aubrey hid out in sadie's room and played. silas and phoenix got busy with video games while samuel shared his artwork with cheryl. heather couldn't stay too long and so we said our goodbyes. brian pointed out that aubrey was talking to sadie, she normally doesn't talk much to other kids...that was sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. after lots of eating, we hung out on the porch and talked for awhile. it felt so good to just sit there in the quiet cool shade of my favorite part of the house and BE. they eventually had to leave, so many people to visit so little time. i did not want them to go. i know it will be a very long time before we see them again. but we are back in touch now and that feels really really wonderful. cheryl and her family feed my soul in a way that i had nearly forgotten. i love you guys!


Heather said...




That is so amazingly cool.

laura said...

yeah, remember when we were at down home and you commented on my sweater and i said that scott's niece had given it to me...that's cheryl! they are going to be at the beach with him this week i believe...maybe she'll post some pix on her blog just for you!! tee hee =)

ckjc said...

that was a sweet visit. we love you guys too.

heather's comment makes me laugh. i think scott is awesome too!