Tuesday, August 05, 2008

another day in this life...

we had such a full week that it was hard to pick what to blog about for the RUN blog carnival. i decided that this particular day was also very special and so i'm adding it to the carnival as well.

on friday, the 1st...i had no plans to do anything particularly special. i had a vague idea that i might want to go to MOTS but hadn't made any concrete plans. then i went out to do my watering and checked on the frogs we "grew"...we were losing them. i knew that it isn't common for all tadpoles to make it, but i figured once they were frogs they would all be okay. i knew that we needed to re-release them ASAP. from what i'd read about capturing tadpoles and releasing the frogs, we needed to take them back to the spot we got them from. so after a little thought, i asked the kids if they wanted to go to rock creek to release the frogs. sadie has been reluctant about this idea, but she has known from the start that that was what we would be doing in the end. i asked them if they wanted to invite anyone to go, even though it was short notice we started making calls. by the time i talked with my friend, ren, i was not so sure that i wanted to get everyone all the way out there when we really didn't think we'd be there for too long. just dropping off frogs and maybe dipping a toe in the freezing water. since she was having some car problems she opted out, so we decided to just make it a solo family adventure. but while talking with ren, we decided we would meet later at MOTS and that made it a little easier for her daughter, sierra, to miss out on the rock creek action. so there it was, we had our day all figured out. so we headed out...

letting the frogs go was not as easy as i thought it would be.
finding a place in the creek where they would not drowned immediately or get stepped on (they are super tiny, even the one tree frog was still pretty small).
i ended up moving them in the end to a spot under a rotted out tree next to the creek. sadie cried. she would miss them.

but the sadness didn't last long and soon we were wading in the pool area. sadie made a friend and was happy to just play for awhile.
we brought a bowl of fresh salsa and tortilla chips to snack on so we wouldn't get the crankies from hunger.
it was really good!! as expected, we didn't stay long. we had already planned to stop at the "green" walmart on the way home to get guinea pig food and nerf guns, so they were anxious to go do that. we like this branch because it's small and laid out differently than the others. i should add that the reason we call it the "green" walmart is because the sign is green instead of blue behind the walmart letters. so we got our booty (including our new tent) and went home to get ready for our night out.

i had also asked my friend jess if she was going to MOTS and she had emailed me that they were going to go to first friday instead and if we'd like to meet there. of course, we already had plans with ren...so i said maybe next month. i thought i would call ren to see what time to meet but she had already just called me (my ringer was off). so when i called her back and told her about jess' idea, she and her kids thought that was the better plan. so i quickly got off the phone with her to call jess and while i was calling jess, she was calling me. it's been like that lately, just yesterday i was calling my sister to wish her a happy birthday and she asked if i was a mind reader because she was just going to call me to thank me for the flowers i sent to her. so anyway, we got it all planned to meet at nelson's around 7 to just walk around and hang out downtown together.

i'm so thankful that the stars were all lined up that night for us, because it ended up being one of the best times we've had in awhile. we ate some fancy chocolate and other delicacies at nelson's and drooled over art supplies in the back at artopia. the kids really enjoyed the free buffet and art supplies too. we got to talk and laugh and enjoy a lot of beautiful art work as well. unfortunately i did not take my camera that night (but ren and jess did...so i'll have to make them blog about this too!!).

we left nelson's and headed down the street to see what else there was to see, we stopped in at beadworks to check out the beading party going on in there. it was a little hot so ren and i went outside...after i gave the kids each $1 each to spend and told them as long as they didn't go over 90 cents they would be fine. even though there were many beads they loved, they decided to save their money for another time. a guy came and played an accordion for a bit and i came back in to watch that for a minute before going back outside. there was a band playing there and i decided it was time to dance...and everyone else joined in. what a great feeling. we were dancing in the streets, just like the song says. the kids were jumping around and sitting cross legged under the street light, it was such a cool sight to see. we briefly saw our friends deanna and doug before they ran off to play with other peeps.

after realizing that our little tyler (jess' son) was busking down the block with his dad, we all quickly made our way to the show. he was so awesome and drew quite a diverse crowd. the kids played in the corridor until we were informed by a friendly lady that the kids might want to keep their shoes on and avoid the darker corner areas where it was not so clean if you know what i mean.

after tyler and rob's show, we decided to go to the acoustic coffeehouse to wind down the evening. i tried to get scotty to come out after work but he was just too tired and had to be at work at 6 the next morning. i told him we wouldn't be too late. it was loud but we still enjoyed some lively and meaningful conversation while some of the kids played together on a nearby couch and others sat at the table with us. all enjoying some yummy drinks and smoothies...and then ren got nachos...yum!!! we discovered that we all share a beautiful connection. not that we haven't always enjoyed getting together, but for some reason that night just seemed to be more magical and held the promise of even more wonderful times to come. around 11, we all headed out to our van because ren and sierra had hitched with us over from downtown and silas needed to show tyler his new nerf gun and tyler needed to see it. we hung out a little more before finally tearing ourselves away from each other. we dropped off ren and sierra at their van and rode home bubbly with excitement over our friendships and good times.

i couldn't sleep that night thinking about how i feel in this very moment that i am exactly where i need to be. amy steinberg's song "exactly"...obviously...was running through my head. i said to scotty finally, i feel happy and proceeded to talk his ear off about how content i felt after all these years. i was then able to drift off to sleep. and it was a good sleep.


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