Sunday, August 10, 2008

in this quiet morning

it's been a long week. so many activities to attend. so much to do. my mom had open heart surgery on friday afternoon. she is recovering nicely. i went to see her last night but she was sleeping and so i did not disturb her. but i looked at her for awhile. she didn't look like she'd just been through the wringer. her complexion was good, her breathing was good. she even smiled in her sleep...maybe a good dream about having no more chest pain, and finally getting to really really exercise now. she has lost over 100 pounds in the last year and i couldn't be more proud of her. unfortunately the past was just too much and it caught up with her.

my sister from knoxville was here with her new baby that we hadn't seen yet, her 2 year old and her 14 year old. it was good to be able to visit for awhile. they stayed with us, which was nice because we have never had room (or even lived in town) in the past when we've all gotten together.
as some people know, i've spent the last year working on some of my very deep food issues. i have come a long way. seeing my mom in the hospital though, i can feel it unravelling. i keep trying to hold on to what i've learned...but i look at cheese and think "oh man, our arteries!!" but i take a deep breath and try to remember the damage already done by my extreme control over food. balance balance balance...

we saw our friend, heather, play at the acoustic coffeehouse this week as well. it was amazing and i'd like to blog about that separately...but just wanted to mention it here because i don't know when i'll get to it.

i took some time earlier in the week to make some new for sierra, who gave me some awesome wrist warmers!! one for ren, because she asked me to =). and one for myself. i worked on another just because i had an idea to work out, it is not really for anyone. i also took an old sketch and put color to it.

this morning, i did a lot more gardening than usual. it seems like after spring it's mostly watering and light picking. today i got to dig in the dirt again. pick lots of cukes and beans...and a nice batch of carrots. i planted a lot of lettuce and spinach and i'm looking forward to having that again. we've lost all but one of our watermelons. not sure what happened there but i'm learning that i will do those differently next year as well. the tomatoes are finally turning red, that is so exciting as i wasn't sure if they would make it either. i love my morning ritual of working in the garden. it gives me time to think and just focus on one simple thing. i love hauling the water that i'm using from the pool right now. it's really dirty in there and i refuse to just let the water run out into the grass. what a waste. so i haul it one 5 gallon bucket at a time up to the garden to water. it wakes up my muscles. it feels good. this is the second pool full of water i've used this way so far. it will be my last though as the pool didn't get the attention i thought it would and so i will not be filling it up again. besides, i need to have that space clear for when we finally move the camper over here.

tonight we are going to a house concert at rob and jess' place. we're pretty excited about that...but i'm also a little tired and wanting a quiet day at home. but that will have to wait until monday. as it is i had to cancel on a party we were going to attend briefly today. that was just too much. but we will visit with those friends later this week, so it is all good.



Ren said...

mmmmm...your carrots look super yummy.

I love, love,love the necklace! You rock!:) The rainbow colors make my heart happy.

I'm glad your Mum is recovering nicely. I hope she's back on her feet soon! That wee babsy looks pretty delicious too...sigh.

ashleighbunn said...

Hi Laura,

It was super nice to meet you and your beautiful family, yesterday - All be it, a little weird (atleast from my perspective - lol) - really I'm just a blog-a-holic - not a blogstalker (though, I wonder how thick of a line separates the two?!)

Anyway, my email address is - I'm sure your life is super busy, but maybe I could tag along the next time you hit Rotary Park!

christy said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog...thought I'd pop over here as well! I'll be placing you in my reader, 'cause I definitely want to come back again :)
I love the pictures of the chokers that you made--they look awesome!
Have a beautiful day!