Wednesday, August 27, 2008

amy steinberg house concert

still just trying to catch up on some of our big get togethers this summer. i'm way behind!! this one is from august 10th!! sheesh!

last month ren had brought up the idea of hosting a house concert for amy steinberg and wondered if anyone would be interested. scotty and samuel thought it would be great (since we had so much fun with our acoustic jam/potluck party at the house)...i didn't think so. i wasn't up for it, so i declined. luckily there's this awesome lady, JESSICA SCHMESSICA, who was willing to do it!! so on a beautiful sunday night we gathered at her place to eat, talk, laugh, listen to music, and dance. it was a beautiful thing. first thing's first, we took a tour of jess' garden, there are some crazy big sunflowers growing down there!! then it was time to eat and the kids played a lot on the tire swing and the swing under the deck as well as explored all the little nooks and crannies of their property. finally amy came and got set up. no more tire swing kids, it was right where she was going to be performing...sorry! she started off the set with "exactly" which made us all happy as that song holds a lot of meaning for us. we danced and sang along, the kids got to run around and play in the wooded areas some more. after the concert, we went up to the house where amy shared her vibrating bowl with us. it felt amazing to hum and chant with the vibrations. we talked for awhile after that, just enjoying all the powerful energy created by the vibrations and the people there. later, a few of us walked up to the cow field to look at the stars. it was a beautiful night. must've been the moon...



Ren said...

I really love the slideshow. I had NO pictures of the singing bowl and that was such an amazing part of the evening!

As the pictures slid past, I just kept thinking "gawd, I LOVE these people!":) Awesome night. Awesome people. Awesome energy.

So glad Jess and Rob were willing to make it happen for all of us.

That pic of the four girls in the hammock made me sooooo happy. Sierra found her gurl tribe. :)

Kass said...

Thanks for blogging about this Laura. It was a very high energy night. I'm so thankful for you, your family, and all the other families in our group. Like Sierra, I too have found my gurl tribe.