Friday, July 25, 2008

learn nothing day

we had an awesome "learn nothing day" up at rock creek with some of our friends from around here as well as some unschoolers from out of town. the day started out awesomely as i had talked heather into carpooling with us and so i got to talk her head off while we drove off to the mountains. we met lots of new people (which i had met before at kelly lovejoy's but ya'll know my memory), and goofed around with some very very cool unschooling kids. i am always in awe of how amazing kids can be. there was great food, swimming in the ice cold water, wading in the creek to catch critters, and lots of conversation and laughs.

splash splash splash

ren and i decided that since we're always behind the camera, that we should be sure to get in some of the pix!!

ro in water wings

sierra, sophie, and kyra

dairbhre and heather

sadie and rowan getting ready to swim

sophie and the bottle tongue game

ouch samuel!!!

kyra too!!

everyone freezing!! while kass and i take pix! LOL

super strong kyra!

mary beth, devorah and anna

how many kids can fit on here??

jaden and his "mobster"

dairbhre and heather taking a break!!

playing with fire!!!! making smores!!

the kids!! most of them anyway...

getting ready to say goodbye!!!

some of the moms!! we couldn't seem to round all of us up for a group shot! but we rock anyway!!!

some goodbye hugs and the girls


aleah, tyler, and jess (what is it jess???)

all along the watchtower...

a beautiful, peaceful end to the day...he was out in seconds after the car started moving. it was so awesome to watch, even while driving and taking this picture trying not to crash!!!



Ren said...

I still say we wimped out by not braving the water. Will you do it next time if I hold your hand?;

What an awesome crew of peeps. I can't wait for L&L!!

kelli said...

Awesome day! So much fun hanging with you guys, I, also can't wait for L & L :)

mindy said...

No doubt, an awesome day!!! We left sooo happy and excited about seeing everyone at L&L. Samuel, Silas and you, Laura, were a big hit with my crew...they were so glad to have met such cool new friends! This whole Southeastern Tribe thing is working out pretty well!

laura said...

yeah, i have comments on my blog...very cool!!!

i too, can't wait for L& will be our first time (we are conference virgins!) and now we have familiar faces to look for!

mindy, i added some pix of the amy concert last year to RUN...there are some of you and your kids...and kelli, i'm pretty sure you're in a few shots as well. but it's hard to tell.

i'm all happy happy joy joy!!!