Saturday, July 05, 2008

2 posts in one - garden and cookies

oh my, it's been awhile (sorry dad!! LOL)! so what've we been up to. just hanging out and enjoying the summer with friends and family.

the garden is doing really well. still struggling with tomatoes but finally got the romas to grow. so i've got 2 of them. the heirloom from ren looks like it might be okay, we'll see. we've been eating a lot out of the garden, which has been really nice. can't wait for those cukes though!!

since i'm too lazy today to write much, pictures will have to suffice, these are all my pix from start to finish:

also i did some baking yesterday. made a big batch of fruit pulp cookies. i had gotten some more ripe bananas on sale and needed to freeze them so i had to make room by pulling out some pulp. i had not felt like baking last week after i had this big fight with a muffin recipe i was trying to create. so cookies this time, no muffins...stupid muffins!!

i thought i'd go ahead and share the recipe as well:

fruit pulp cookies:

this is a recipe i've modified from one i found on the internet. it uses a lot of pulp so if you have less pulp, just do the math and divide it.

6 eggs
6 c. pulp
5 c. sugar
1 c. honey
6 T. butter, softened
mix well

in a separate bowl, mix dry ingredients
10 c. ww flour
2 c. oat flour (made from rolled oats)
6 t. baking soda
6 t. salt
3 t. cinnamon
1 t. nutmeg
1 t. cardamom

gradually mix dry ingredients into wet, this will get heavy, so you'll probably not be able to keep using a hand mixer. i resort to a hand held pastry blender to finish mixing in the last of the dry ingredients. i think the original recipe was probably for white flour because it doesn't mention this stiffness.

fold in
3 c. raisins

drop on butter greased pans by the teaspoon. bake at 350 for 15 minutes.


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