Thursday, July 17, 2008


oh what have i been doing lately??? busy busy, lazy lazy, then busy busy again.

the garden is a jungle now and i love it.

the tomatoes had a rocky start but are finally producing!!!!

we've been having the best cukes these days. i had told the kids about how they would taste like nothing they ever had out of the store and i was right. i loved watching their eyes light up when they tasted them for the first time. we've had green beans too and some early corn.

the first set of corn i put in hasn't gotten as big as i'd like, but the second set looks awesome now. we have teeny tiny watermelons coming in...

and chili peppers that are huge but won't turn red.

and no red peppers yet. still eating lettuce, we have about 5 butterheads to pick and then it's waiting for the fall crop. plenty of basil now as well, but i have only used it once so far.

a small harvest

i don't know if we'll get many strawberries, i planted sort of late.
but i noticed these the other day.

this is prettier to me than a garden of flowers!!

i've been getting back to the sketchbook as well. hoping to make some prints to sell on etsy ( and i got some supplies to make glass pendant necklaces using my new designs. so that should be exciting to learn.

i also started a social network for radical unschoolers. you can check that out here:
radical unschoolers' network. that's been sucking up some of my time, more than i'd like but i'm enjoying it anyway.


Anonymous said...

I really adore the new network so I'm glad you're letting it suck up some of your time!:)

Love the new art too.

laura said...

oh thanks!! i'm really enjoying the network as well. although it grew faster than i was expecting thanks to ren!! btw, are you the trevor of "trevor & george"...

i love the new art too =)...thanks!