Saturday, July 19, 2008

just some funny stories

okay, maybe they aren't REALLY funny. but i got nothin' else!!

yesterday was filled with little anecdotes i thought i would share.

1. the girl who came knocking

she was selling magazines...argh...and she told me what she was going to be and why she was raising money...blahblahblah...and then she wanted to guess what i did for a living. she first guessed "accountant." WA? then "math teacher!!" WA? when i told her i was a sahm and an artist she was really excited, she never met an artist before! WA? okay so what i got from that was that if you wear glasses you do something brainy. because i'm not sure that my pajamas gave off any kind of "what i do for a living" vibes. ah well.

2. guinea pee

i was holding joey, sadie's guinea pig, in my lap with my legs crossed and he was all comfy. then he decides to pee. normally, not a big deal right? but where he was sitting and what i was wearing. well, let's just say he was in my crotch and i had on thin pants with no undies. i actually felt the pee running into areas i would rather not have anyone's pee but mine!!! i ran screaming up the stairs to the shower while the kids were left wondering why the heck i freaked out so bad about PEE. i told them WHERE he peed when i got out of the shower and they thought that was super funny. samuel wanted to know if i was sure it was pee and not something else and if people could get pregnant from animals. this made ME almost pee laughing.

3. fear and pain

we were walking home from rotary park last night and sadie stopped in her tracks (she and silas were actually on their bikes) and was crying because she had a big drop of blood on her foot and blood scares her and it really hurt. i came over to check it out and it did look pretty bad until i got closer and noticed it's magenatish color and then wiped it off. some berry something or other juices i think. we all laughed like crazy about it. especially the "it really hurts" part. she was still sort of crying and laughing at the same time and said she was embarrassed. we talked about how i've told her in the past when she freaks out about a little cut that it is the fear that makes it seem worse than it really is and even hurt worse than it might without the fear. this gave me the perfect example to show her exactly what that meant. it proved my point about the fear making pain worse and that it could actually even create the pain. we talked about how powerful the mind is in how we feel. that we can use our minds to ease pain so it makes sense that the mind can create pain. we were still laughing about it later though. it was just too funny.Share


Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh!
We have guinea pigs too and they do pee all the time. I would have freaked out also.

CG said...

I was not thinking that accountant + math teacher = brainy myself. Not at all. Maybe glasses = boring? And mind/body is so powerful. I got tickled at G the other day -- he racked the bow saw across his finger accidentally and ripped it open rather badly. Not deep or anything, but big enough and ragged. He came into the house holding his finger and said, "I think I need some medical attention."

Jessica said...

Aleah was in the bathroom this morning putting her pony tails in when she started screaming. Tears coming down her cheeks she says to me, "I had a scary thought, it was a monkey going (insert loud monkey scream)." "It was a day dream." Perception is everything!