Monday, March 30, 2009

surprise party

about a month ago, i got a call from austin telling me to mark a date on my calendar for a potluck the kids want to have at his house, and that he wants me to invite a bunch of my friends too (if he weren't already so weird this request might've seemed odd). um, okay, done, it's on the calendar, talk to you later. several weeks later he reminds me to invite people because i haven't yet. oops. so i send out a quick email to let people know about this potluck. done.

the date rolls around and i'm really not feeling up to it. BUT i promised, so i spend all day cooking and getting food ready to take. scotty comes home and we watch a movie and rest awhile before it's time to go. i tell everyone i'm not sure if i feel like going and that maybe they could go without me. but i decide to go anyway. hell, a party without me, ain't gonna happen!!!! right??

as we get near the house i see all these cars! we were a few minutes early and NOBODY gets to a party before me, what the hell?!

we pull up to their house and i see kyra on the porch, what?? she runs inside and i think, oh this is a surprise for the kids, they don't know she's here. ha ha, very cool!! i turn around in the car to see if they've seen her and they have and they said they knew she was going to be here. i find it quite odd that everyone knew but me that kyra was here. no one tells me ANYTHING!!! anyway...

we walk up to the house and all these kids are pouring out the door and so excited to see us (cool, we have such great friends!!) samuel is snapping pictures (hey you brought the camera thanks!!) we walk in the door and i see a BIG happy birthday balloon (cool, it's someone's birthday!! hey maybe the balloon is for me because my birthday is next week, cool!!)BUT THEN, i get to the top of the steps going into the living room and i see and hear all our friends shouting "surprise!!" oh my gosh, this is a party FOR ME?? trying so hard not to cry i ask scotty if he knew about this and he says "i planned this!" i am filled with love and happiness and cannot stop the tears that come.!!scotty also managed to smuggle a cake over to austin's prior to the party and it was a beautiful cake!! so fancy!! he even borrowed an 80s cd from a friend that we played all night over and over again with a little music mixed in from austin's and rachel's ipods as well. we had so much fun jumping around and dancing. there was even a conga line!(my giant birthday card made by ren and signed by everyone!)

towards the end of the night, they put me on a stool in the middle of the room and everyone circled around me to tell me all these wonderful things they love about me. it was really amazing! the love in the room was almost overwhelming.the kids wanted to spend the night, so we ALL just stayed!! i think we went to bed around 4 am. the next day we went to ren's house to hang out and enjoy the tease of a spring-like day and share the flu!
so i got a surprise birthday party, something i don't think i've ever had before, and it was the best day ever!!

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kelli said...

What a wonderful night, and couple of days too :) That circle was amazing I had never seen something like that before, so touching, love you!

ckjc said...

aw laura! how wonderful! i'm so glad you were celebrated that way, and i wish so much that i could have been there!!! makes me want to move back to tennessee! love, cheryl

gail said...

how cool!! I can just imagine being there. Will you be at Kelly's this weekend?

FaerieFlowers said...

I cannot tell you how much fun we had at your party. Everything about it was truly awesome! You are so loved!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Tears! Thanks for sharing!! Happy birthday, BTW! We celebrated you yesterday by making some raw chocolate logs! Thanks for the recipe.

Ren said...

It was the best birthday ever. :) I agree.
The whole two days was simply amazing and lovely....Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful people I've ever met!