Tuesday, March 24, 2009

spring 2009 ARGH

i should really be in bed...really...i'm sick, again, and really need to rest but i can't seem to make myself do it. i have so much to blog about and i don't want to get behind because then i will never ever get to it. so here goes:

the spring ARGH was amazing!! we went to roan mountain again and had the best time! there was a lot of reconnecting with friends and making new connections; kids screaming and running to greet each new arrival...and it brought tears to my eyes seeing how happy they are with this group of people that have become the core of our unschooling world of friends. what did we do all weekend? well, there was a lot of simply hanging out really. that's what is so wonderful about these gatherings, no pressure to attend a lot of activities (unless you want to). it's very laid back and relaxed. sometimes i might find myself in a cabin playing bananagrams with several other people (while trying not to fall asleep). or walking from cabin to cabin bringing snacks to hungry kids. or driving to the conference center to check out what activities were going on over there and talking and laughing and um, well, hanging out. like i said, that is really the essence of this gathering, "just" hanging out!! there were tons of nerf wars going on at almost any given time, movie watching in the old restaurant building, ATC making in ren's cabin, henna at the conference center, video games at the hangout cabin, tea parties, game parties, dress up parties, just about anything if someone was willing to host it. there was also a delicious potluck followed by a fantastic talent show...what more could you ask for??

we went away with a happy feeling after saying our goodbyes just knowing that in 8 short months we would be up there for the fall gathering to do it all over again!!



mindy said...

LOVE all of your picts! LOVE you and your family! Thanks for a great time, oh lovely lady!

Ren said...

Ah...so good to sift back through all the fun, through your photos! Thank you so much for taking over the organizing when I was overwhelmed...you ROCK!

gail said...

What wonderful Pictures!!! Thanks for posting..it helped me to relive it all again. Thanks for all the fun! We love you guys..

Madeline said...

sigh..So great! The music is perfect too. I had never heard of this singer before you. She's wonderful.

Dan said...

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laura said...

dan, i'm not interested and i'd have to say that probably none of the people that read my blog (all 5 of them) are interested either. we are UNSCHOOLERS. if my kids want to know how to spell something, i just tell them. they hear my real actual live voice any time they want or need to. not a recording. i have no battles with my kids over spelling because i do not create them; and as far as my dictating to them when they ask for help, i am more than happy to do it. that is what i am here for, to help them when they want it, not when somebody thinks they are at that age where they are supposed to do it. this software sounds like a parent substitute, something i have never been interested in. i pushed all 3 of my beautiful kids straight out of my very own vagina!! and i'm the one that's gonna be there for them whenever they need me!!

as far as not being able to find my email, nice try...it's in my profile. funny thing is, you don't even have a profile!! i could easily have just deleted your spam, but i felt like responding and so i did! thanks for the opportunity for me to vent!!