Sunday, March 22, 2009

frozen raw chocolate logs

i'm posting this for my mom because i gave her the recipe last week off the top of my head and i don't know if i got it right. not that the recipe has to be JUST's so very tweakable...sometimes i add more bananas for sweetness, or cashew butter for smoothness. you can use differing amounts of powder depending on whether you're using carob, raw cacao, or cocoa powder and how much you like the taste.

okay, i finally made some of my famous frozen raw chocolate bars/logs after years and years of forgetting the recipe (i used to make these back when sadie was a baby...before i even knew there was such a thing as a raw food diet).

sooo good!! try it!!:

1 cup raw nut butter of choice (i use cashew butter that i make)
3 bananas, very very ripe and mashed
1/4-1/2 cup raw chocolate, carob, or cocoa powder (raw powder is stronger so use the lesser amount)
add chopped nuts if you want after mixing well.

form into logs on waxed paper and roll up to cover and freeze. the next day, slice up little bits of heaven and eat!! keep frozen!! i usually put them on a plate and put them back into the freezer for everyone to grab when they want so i don't have to keep pulling out the knife all day!! they won't last long!!

this IS NOT poop!!! and don't use a little knife like the one in the first picture, use a large knife like you're cutting big carrots!!

see there's an uncut log still wrapped up in the background...that's how you do it! =)



Jessica said...

yum, anything with chocolate and banana is great ... I am thinking cream cheese may be nice in this? J

Ren said...

OOh...these look so much easier to eat than the frozen chocolate bananas my Mum used to make.

I think they'd go really well with a poopy shake.;)

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Sounds yummy! Nuts for us nuts. lol ;o)

Thanks for the recipe.


Andrew said...