Saturday, April 11, 2009


well, we finally kicked all the butts of all the cruds we'd been passing around here the past few months!! bye bye cruds!! so after that we had some fun!!

on the 1st, we went to my parents' house for a combined birthday party for me and my little sister, paula. it was a beautiful day and i was super hyper from all the wonderful sunshine. we had vegetarian taco salad and ice cream cake, YUM!! and talked and laughed and had a really good time. i made a watercolor card for my sister and she gave me "nightmare before christmas" socks and a shirt. my parents got me some hemp cording and wood and glass beads (which i used for the first time the other day to make some chokers for some friends in oregon). then there was more hanging out and talking. we went home happy and tired.

the next day we had our sofh homeschooling group at the park, it was another sunny day but a little on the windy side (jess had the sense to bring kites!!). it's always really nice to just sit and talk with these friends while all the kids play.

on the 3rd, we went to columbia for an amy steinberg house concert at the lovejoy's "opulent 'possum" and had a totally wonderful time!! it's always good to see amy AND get together with our friends from all over. we spent the night, although some of us didn't get a lot of sleep for staying up late playing bananagrams and talking!! silas never even went to bed! the next day, amy picked out a vietnamese restaurant to go to for lunch and i decided to go with them (which surprised even me!). i had a really great time talking and laughing with all these fabulous people...and the vegetarian pho ("fa") wasn't too bad either!! we came back to the house and kelli, jan (tim's mom), and i went to pick up a cake to surprise austin for his birthday which was the next day. when all the men came back from golfing, we all sang happy birthday to him, it was loud and beautiful and his smile was a mile wide =). after cake and packing up, i decided to leave a little earlier than planned as silas was suddenly falling asleep on the floor and i did not want to have to try to wake him up once he got all the way into it. so we headed home and it was a nice quiet ride as all the kids drifted off into sweet dreams...filled, i'm sure, with friends, laughter, and amy's awesome voice singing "it's a wiiiiide skyyy life..."

we spent a few days just quietly recovering from the weekend, watching it snow, and hoping for nicer weather...and finally, yesterday, it came!! the kids and i went to the park and played for awhile until the wind got a little too chilly for me. i surprised the kids with a trip to dairy queen which we hadn't had in a long time. samuel started having a migraine on the way home and i helped him kick its butt with some herbs and he was "turn off the lights!" or "be quiet!" and especially no puking, it was great, i gave him a cayenne tincture and a nerve tonic and it really does work folks!! later, ren, sierra, jalen, and austin came over for supper and some catching up and casual hanging out. it was a pretty good day.



Ren said...

It's so nice to see my girl's face in with all those happy peeps I don't get to hang out with as often as I'd like!! I live vicariously through my daughter, by sending her away with her "other family". lol

ckjc said...

i love reading what you guys are up to!