Thursday, April 30, 2009

random silliness

who doesn't love a funhouse mirror??? but the best part is in watching OTHER people love the funhouse mirror...right?? especially when you're at the park and you become totally unaware of how loud you're laughing and how silly you look to people who have no idea you're looking in a mirror!! we bust a gut just laughing at ourselves playing with funny mirrors.

these first few images are of us last year at the park...totally cracked up for at least 30 minutes straight playing with the mirrors!!
we recently discovered some fun software for our webcam that makes mirror funnies seem only mildly amusing.

samuel took the picture and video below of me, sadie, and silas being totally silly with the webcam software. i laughed so hard i felt like i'd had a face and ab workout! scotty came home from work while we were doing this and the look he gave us was priceless, too bad we didn't get THAT! enjoy!!



kelli said...

I love those things! Both the mirrors and the web cam funness!

Ren said...

After your description of the silliness I really thought I got all my laughs out...but no, this is even better!! Glad you posted it!:)