Tuesday, January 13, 2009

radio stars

yesterday, ren and i did a radio interview. we had a lot of fun together answering questions, laughing, and learning how the speaker function works on my phone!! we talked about imagination tribe, the radical unschoolers network, our friendship, and a few other unexpected things =). we also discussed ren's book she has been working on for a few years now which she recently asked me to illustrate. we hope to have that together sometime this fall. you can listen to the interview on blog talk radio. afterwards we went to lunch together, something we have never done. i haven't done anything without the kids in a very very very long time, so it was nice and relaxing.

ren and i at atlanta bread company...yum!


FLO said...

Love the hair! I tried to listen in yesterday but couldn't get it to work. I'll check it out later today. How fun for you, though!!

Ren said...

I love when I totally lose track of time (that hasn't happened in a very long time) because I'm having SO much fun with my soul sistah!:)

It was great. I say the book will be out in August of this year. grin.

Ren said...

And then I leave your blog and check my email and find this very relevent email quote from Storypeople:

~~You see me better than I am, she said & I'm worried what'll happen when your vision changes~~

Danielle said...

You guys are just too cool for school!

I've given you an award. You can find it over at my blog.