Thursday, January 29, 2009

a little too much fun lately

well, first of all, one thing that happened since i last blogged was this:i took that picture of my tv...nice huh?...i loved watching the whole inauguration!!

okay, we must really get a little rest at some point!! just wanted to share glimpses of the fun we've been having with friends. one day i'll post those deep, inside my head, thoughtful posts again. but for now, i'm too tired!!!!

as always, there is a lot of fun with our local tribe:

and some playing in an unexpected dumping of snow:

these were taken the night we got back from my nephew's 3rd birthday party in knoxville (i forgot my camera!!). there was about an inch when we left and none in knoxville. by the time we got home, there was a ton of snow on the ground!!

and some boxing on the wii:

we went to the lovejoys' house last weekend for cameron's 21st birthday party. it was really wonderful seeing so many of our new unschooling friends there! it is always a warm and loving time at their house. a slideshow is needed for that adventure: (run mouse over pix to stop slideshow and to see captions)

the day after returning from columbia, we had some visitors up from alabama...the aycocks!! they arrived just as i was finishing up rearranging all the furniture, i could not be stopped!! an impromptu potluck and lots of laughing and conversation and video games...a perfect evening!! worthy of a slideshow too:

the past 2 days have been spent doing "NOTHING" but watching videos and resting, the boys creating steampunk thingamajigs (here's one on samuel's flickr)...and eating, lots of eating!! and reading and playing with, and me trying to fix, nerf guns. and more eating. tonight we will break our hiatus by going to ren's house for a much needed and missed imagination tribe gathering.


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Ren said...

I love your slideshows!

Sierra just read the title of this post and said "A little too much? It can never be too much."

Love it.