Sunday, January 18, 2009

the chocolates came to town

we had a wonderful surprise visit from the traaseth family yesterday. they were up this way to pick up abbi and decided to look at some houses in the jc area...oooh, maybe one day we will entice them to join our east tennessee tribe (i.e. cult)!!!! i had the most fun though because while the other adults were out looking at boring houses in the freezing cold (and scotty & ren were headed off to work), i was hanging out with a bunch of amazing kids!!! later, jess came by with tyler and aleah to hang out too. when everyone (everyone being kelli, tim, bleu, and austin) was back from looking at houses, we fixed dinner and talked awhile longer before they headed back to georgia (but we kept be returned safely to them next weekend at the lovejoys' house). ren, bleu, jess, and austin hung out with me for a little longer before heading out too. sadie, sierra and kyra had planned a sleep over at ren's but sadie wasn't sure if she would be able to stay all night. she worried she would wake up and want to come home. so we decided to just move the party to ren's house for a little while to see if sadie would either stay or go when the rest of us went home for the night. she decided to come home. good choice because she started sneezing and blowing her nose soon after getting home, not feeling well still.

it was a really beautiful, love-filled day. one of my favorite moments was when scotty and i were talking in the kitchen and all the kids were in the living room around the computer singing at the top of their lungs and completely in sync with one another...a jazon mraz song...and it was so awesome!! i just smiled at scotty, so filled with how much they all just loved being together and having fun. scotty said, "and imagine they might all move here!!" i said to him "you do realize there is only 1 child out there that doesn't live here already?!"...we just laughed, sometimes we forget the huge community that we are now a part of.

and now for the slide show!!! E.N.J.O.Y.


kelli said...

What an awesome day! I love the pictures! who knows where us crazy Chocolates will end up?? *g* Thanks for having us!

gail said...

Did Tim and Kelli find a house for us too? :-)

Ren said...

Come on up folks! The joyful unschooling vortex up here will get you eventually.:)

I had a moment like that last week when Sierra, Sadie and Karina were in my van and they were all smiling and singing some silly pop song. I was just filled up with the joy of the connections we have with our friends and seeing my daughter with her "tribe" of gurlz...growing up in such a wonderful, safe and nurturing group.

Nothing like the friendships I experienced in school. Through the tears and the fun, we all have such an amazing group of friends.:)

Love you!!

Beachbum said...

You do, indeed, have a great tribe there. You should all continue to bask in it!!!

austing said...

Love Love Love…all you need is love.

A beautiful day indeed…

Taylor, Karina and I speak daily how grateful we are to have found such truly wonderful BFFF’s!