Saturday, September 13, 2008

quiet days at home

we went to the live and learn conference this past week (september 3rd-8th)...but that's not what i'm posting about. just not ready to sift through it all yet. i'm so impressed that some people have been able to blog about it already...or better yet, they blogged DURING the conference. i am not that on top of things, plus i don't have a laptop.

i just wanted to post about how i've been feeling manic the past few days. creative manic. the good kind of manic. as opposed to the crazy kind of manic i get sometimes when i feel the need to clean too much. and get cranky. yesterday i wanted to paint all day, the day before that i made jewelry all day. frenzy like. it's a bittersweet sort of thing to feel that way. because i love it, the wild desire to create and how it makes the rest of the world disappear. the fact is though that the rest of the world doesn't really disappear, it's all still there. i have to remember to be patient when interrupted (it was easier to be interrupted from beading than it was from painting though...there's a different focus and energy there), to make sure there are plenty of snacks (and make sure i eat because i'll forget to notice that i'm hungry) or if i had planned to fix a meal, to follow through with it. and to still give some attention to the kids. luckily samuel and sadie like to sit along side me while i'm making things and join in. silas usually doesn't. so later the other night i asked him if there was something he wanted to do with me, just the two of us. he said he wants me to create a character on world of warcraft. okay, i can do that. it's not MY thing, but it's something fun and important to him right i'm game. we're going to do that today or tomorrow i think.

the kids decided to look at old photo albums yesterday. it was so cute watching them (especially since they were inside the empty box of the new guinea pig cage). they kept wondering why there were only pictures of samuel. they had gone way back to when there was only samuel to take pictures of. there's one picture of scotty and i before we went out for our anniversary. samuel wanted to know what i was dressed up as...he thought it was a halloween picture. he asked if i had white make up on and if i was supposed to be dead. no, i said, i was just really really white back then. it startled me a bit to see it as well. i looked like a freaky china doll. i miss that innocent skin.
the bionicles have been out for a few days as well. they go back and forth between their new WOW game and the bionicles. since we only have the one computer, they take turns. so they are immersed in both simultaneously.

we miss the energy and excitement of the conference but we're definitely enjoying the peace and quiet of being home.


Ren said...

Must be all that good conference/unschooling energy in abundance, because I've been making ATC's constantly and cleaning up the art room so I can get back to altered books and tins and such.:)

We're enjoying the vegetating and planning our next gathering. I'm SO super glad you guys came. It was awesome to share L&L with my local tribe.

ckjc said...

thanks for blogging. it's nice to have you back.

Madeline said...

It's good to meet you on your blog! Gillen and Jesse just started WOW today. I too have commited to making a character and playing with them on this new game -something I never thought I would do! We'll have to meet there. Gillen wears your necklace a LOT. I love it on him. You are so talented.