Sunday, September 21, 2008

the passion flower project

last night, the kids and i went to ann law's 'passion flower' performance. it was beautiful and inspiring. i was afraid it would be too emotional for me but it wasn't. the way she told her story about breast cancer through dance, monologuing, and video was positively uplifting and really something to witness. i'm so glad i decided to bring the kids, they really enjoyed it and even wanted to stay after for the discussion.

when we were at the L&L conference earlier this month, my friend mindy (who is close friends with ann) told us about this performance coming to jc and that we must go see it!! thanks mindy!!Share

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mindy said...

Oh, I am so glad you guys went! I took the girls with me and they too enjoyed it. I was pretty emotional...bawled like a baby...both times I went to see it! It definitely provided food for thoughful discussion, as we have been touched by cancer in both dear friends and family members. Again, thanks so much for supporting Ann and her work and cancer awareness.