Tuesday, May 06, 2008

birthday days

today is my beautiful baby girl sadie's birthday. she is 8!!! finally, all of my children are ages that i can actually sort of kinda remember being...LOL!!! they got guinea pigs last month as early presents and they thought that was going to be it!! ha ha, i am too smooth for them. we snuck presents in yesterday and i gave them out this morning!! very happy and surprised kiddos. sadie and samuel each got cd players for their rooms and silas got the harvest moon game for the gamecube he has been asking for for months.

tomorrow is samuel's 13th birthday as well as the day of the big backyard birthday bash!!! 2 parties in one!! scotty made 3 cheesecakes!!!! oh my, the kids are wanting to dig into them. we'll have some of one tonight since it is sadie's birthday after all and she must be sung "happy birthday" to and have some cake.

we're having some library time now and then off to barberito's for sadie's surprise birthday lunch. and later we'll be getting ready for the big party tomorrow.

man, i still can't believe my baby is 8...and that i am one day away from being the mom of a teenager!! well, i always said i couldn't wait to have a teenager. and even when everyone said i was crazy, i always felt it would be an awesome part of this parenting journey. sadie is becoming quite the young lady as well and i'm loving watching her grow up. a little sad, but it's wonderful too.Share

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Ren said...

It IS wonderful.:)

Happy, happy birthday beautiful Sadie. We can't wait to see you all and say happy birthday in person!