Thursday, May 22, 2008

here's a fun thing to do...

okay, my kids like to play this game of running in and out of the house and locking the doors behind them. can you guess where this is going??? i have asked them to please stop playing this game!!

yesterday, i was outside enjoying a little bit of sun and pringles while the kids were running around outside playing. next thing i know, they can't get into the house...hmmm. silas and sadie both turn and look at me like i've just magically appeared there, they thought i was inside for some reason. i know instantly that they have locked us out! i try very hard to keep my head from exploding...and tell them so. i say, you have no idea how much of my anger i am controlling right now....i have told you not to lock the doors!!! all that good ol' mad mommy stuff. i sent them to sit on the front porch while i went to the neighbor's house to borrow the phone. now here's an interesting thing about the mind. something i had forgotten about...ironically. when pressed to remember something, it usually can. i normally couldn't tell you what scotty's cell phone number is. the brain gets lazy from speed dial ya know. but miracle of miracles there i was on my neighbors porch dialing his cell phone number...thinking all the while it was ringing, PLEASE be the right number. and it was. luckily, he was not all that busy and was able to come home within 20 minutes or so to unlock the door. AND, i was able to do a little of the gardening i needed to do that i'd been putting off because i had lots of little projects inside the house i was working on.

so we got in and no children were harmed in the making of this fun thing to do.

the end.Share

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