Wednesday, May 14, 2008

big backyard birthday bash

written on 5-8-08

Yesterday was Samuel’s birthday!! He is officially 13!!!!

We had the best party ever. I think there were 40 people including us. Cripes. But we had so much fun AND it didn’t rain!!! Yeah!
Our other concern besides weather was parking, but our neighbor was nice enough to let us park around his house and in his driveway. Still there were cars all over. There was lots of running in the yard and climbing the tree. Pizza, and snacks and cheesecakes.
Ren did some really beautiful face painting which was a wonderful surprise for us all.
And presents. And conversation. That was the best. It was a lot of fun and exhausting in a good sort of way. Several husbands joined us. Which was nice as we so rarely let them out. Scotty was so sweet and played a lot with little boo bear so that his mommy could relax and eat and talk. We love him for that!!

We even had a request for an overnighter. Which I thought would be fun and extend the party for the kids. There’s something really awesome and thrilling about getting to spend such a huge chunk of time with friends. So we had 3 extra kids for the night. Sierra, Iris, and Nesta. The girls ended up staying up ALL NIGHT LONG. OMG!!! Then they crashed at some time around 9 am I think. The boys had gone up to see what they were doing and found them sleeping. They had watched the sun come up and played outside way before anyone else was up. I’m sure that was just about the best experience Sadie has ever had with friends. Very independent and exciting. And tiring. It was her first all-nighter. And she loved it.

Another first we had recently was that I let the boys and their cousin walk to the comic book store last Sunday…by themselves. Silas said he felt dudely. Samuel felt independent. I actually didn’t throw up or anything. No horrible nightmarish thoughts ran through my head. They came back so jazzed up because they got more free comics (we had gone on Saturday for free comic book day and we all got free comics then too.). I’m having a constant run-on of dejavu right now. I had a real long one last night too. Very strange.

Well the girls are up finally…it’s 2:00!!! Iris left some time ago when her mom came to get her. They woke up a little then but went back to sleep. So so so tired.

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Ren said...

My kids are still saying it was the best birthday party EVER!!:) We had a ball.