Wednesday, April 09, 2008

we finally moved into our own place

okay, so we found a house...finally!!!! we moved the week of my birthday which was a very nice present!!! we have pretty much everything unpacked now. just a few more boxes in our bedroom and we'll be done. i finally put up the wall stuff the other day and it looks more like home, the few framed pictures of the kids, my paintings...and our white christmas lights. ahh. home.

we've been busy this past week getting stuff together for our square food gardens we're putting in. lots of learning lately. trying to keep from feeling overwhelmed by it all. it's new, but i figure we got an avocado seed to grow last maybe there is hope for us yet.

the kids are loving having all their stuff to play with. well, the clock tells me it's time to go.Share


Ren said...

Well Happy Birthday then!! I had no idea...always late to the party and all.;)

Congrats on finding a place of your own! I've got some square foot garden areas and the book if you need it...though you probably have that. I built a couple of the trellises Bartholomew style too. They seem very sturdy over all.

Anonymous said...

Helo, My name is Shannon , from Bristol Tn and "home educate" my two children. My son is 11 daughter 4.
It's nice to meet you. A friend and I are planning on coming to a park day to meet others.
Btw, how in the world DID you get a Avocado seed to sprout. I've tried it a million times.

Shannon (