Friday, June 26, 2009

a long, wonderful week...

has it really been so long since i last updated my blog?? sheesh, time is flying like you wouldn't believe lately!! so anyway...

last thursday (the 18th) we were just hanging out at home, just minding our own business, when the electricity went out...AGAIN!! these storms are starting to be a pain in the ass!! have you seen all the downed trees???? i said to the kids, "let's get outta here!" and so we did. we went to the post office, taco bell, and the library. while at taco bell, i heard the strangest thing...morrissey! on taco bell's speakers!! freaky!

on friday morning, taylor came over to hang with us for the day. all the kids were still in bed so we talked for awhile on the porch while i tried to also do some cool puzzles from a book i got at the library. finally, i had to get the kids up to get ready so we could head to princeton arts center for our sweet friend iris' graduation from babysitting camp! it was just a small gathering, but iris really wanted sadie to be there! afterwards, we went to dairy queen where i consumed more ice cream than should be legal...i had my big ol' dipped cone and then i finished off audrey's cone AND sadie's blizzard!!! iris came home with us to hang out for awhile before we had to give her back. the girls decided they wanted to splatter paint, so they went outside and painted and listened to music. at some point they thought painting rocks for the driveway would be cool too, then they took to just throwing paint directly ON the driveway. THEN, they figured out that grass could also be painted...that's when the real fun began! all this while i worked on was sunny enough that i was actually able to get 4 out of 6 loads of laundry dried on the clothesline!! yeah, that's a lot of laundry, normally i only have 4 loads, but it being so nice out i decided to also do a comforter and all the sheets!!!

saturday was a DO NOTHING DAY!! which actually just means that we didn't go anywhere or have anyone over! what i DID do was finally sucker my tomatoes, mulch the tomatoes and cucumbers, and made granola, then i watched star trek...all this while the kids were still in bed. then later i went and worked on a new painting!! samuel took these:

sunday was father's day so we went to my parents' house to hang out with family for awhile. scotty had to work...yes even on father's day!! we are so lucky to have such a super daddy who does so much to provide for us!! then we went to ren's house for a little solstice celebration and even though scotty was home in time to go to this, he was just toooo tired and so decided to stay home (he did work 18 hours on saturday after all!). we ate lots of good food and hung out with our friends enjoying a beautiful day inside the house and out (where i was chased by a wasp!!) as it got darker, a fire was built and marshmallows were roasted! what a great way to "officially" start summer!! i can't believe i took NO pictures!!!

monday morning i woke to the sound of talking and laughing coming up through the bathroom floor. it just made me smile. my boys had apparently not been to bed yet and were in their room having fun together. turns out they were cleaning their room and making videos, then they cleaned out the guinea pig cage!! i never even asked them to do any of this. i know they wanted things nice for when duncan came, but i hadn't expected this!

i got a little bit more done on my painting... and worked i tiny bit on another project too...
this is the original drawing for that painting. it is something i worked up for my friend susan back in february (i think) for a calendar she is working on...
tuesday morning i worked in the garden a little and got some papers ready to mail for NBTSC. i picked some cilantro and my first small batch of green beans. i planted 6 times more cilantro and 2 times more beans than last year. i'm so glad i did, really looking forward to having more of each!
then i got the kids up and we headed to asheville to meet with kelly, kelli, and alice (and their kiddos of course!). scotty came with us too!!! we were meeting to pick up duncan to stay with us while ben and kelly are on the blue ridge parkway this week. after hanging out at earth fare for awhile, we headed to the asheville arboretum, they have an amazing bonsai garden there!! but it was pretty hot and the kids were melting down (what few we still had with 3 plus rachel and jake had already left to go home with the traaseths) so we headed back to alice's house for a cook out, great conversation, and playing bananagrams. then it was back to jc where i immediately headed upstairs to lay in bed and read (i always say i'm not going to sleep, i'm just going to read and then i fall now when i say i'm going up to read the kids say "oh you mean you're going to sleep, good night"). scotty came up and we talked awhile before we both fell was a long, wonderful day!! and again, i did not get very many pictures...just the ride there!!

i had taken a self-portrait and it was very boring, i turned around and something sadie was doing made me laugh so i quickly snapped another one and it was much better, more real!

wednesday, i had the pleasure of a long morning walk with my friend deanna! when we got back, scotty went for a bike ride. after the kids got up, i made salsa...i had to wait because the vita-mix is so noisy!! i used cilantro from the garden...yummmmy!!! it was one of those do nothing days again so we could recover from the previous day. the kids had a lot of fun playing games since duncan brought his xbox 360 with him!!

thursday i had planned on having another walk so i could get back into the habit, but i decided to work on my new art blog instead. i moved it from blogdrive to ads, unlimited pictures!! taylor and karina came over to spend the day with us and we were all talking and laughing on the porch and woke up duncan. so we all came in and woke everyone else up too!! while all the kids hung out, i played around on the computer and then made some food to have ready to take for our imagination tribe gathering later.

i tried to capture some of the laughter and conversation but, wouldn't you know, as soon as i got out the camera...silence!!!

then sadie let me play with face paints on her...she was wonderfully patient!! she liked it so much she decided to keep it on for the rest of the day! silas took this first picture...

like that cool hat?? the gavins brought it over for him!!

finally, we headed to susan's place for the IT gathering...we had a blast making art, eating food, and talking. the kids had fun running all over the yard and meeting a couple of new friends!! oh, on the way there, karina got a message from 2 different friends telling her that michael jackson had died!! too sad!! so that was talked about quite a and susan even sang "i'll be there"...but couldn't remember all the words. and it seems i have become too lazy to keep up with my camera when we go anywhere so, again, there are no pix!!

early this morning, scotty and i took a really nice walk around the neighborhood...while all the kids were still in bed!! the rest of today looks like this...a little bit of garden work, laundry, and making food for the camp out on the river tomorrow for NESTA FEST!!



Bonnie said...

Hey Laura! I've never commented your blog before but I'm an unschooler and a friend of Gail Higgins, I think you know her...? Anyway I just came to say that anyone who likes rainbows, Star Trek and 80s music is 100% awesome in my book and we totally need to hang out someday. I adore your art and that facepaint is just great.

When I came to your page just now, "Man in the Mirror" came on the playlist, and I was really confused at first because the same song was already playing on my CD player, so it was this weird echo for a second, haha. I thought that was cute.

Madeline said...

You have been busy!! I love that you are doing art again. I will have to check out the other blog. I tagged you - details on my blog. You may be too busy for this.

Ren said...

Are you guys home yet??:)