Wednesday, June 17, 2009

life, life, and life

so, last i left off we had been tilling. you might be wondering "what for?" well, i decided a few weeks ago that instead of saying "one day, when we have our own land, i'd really like to have a u-pick fruit farm" i should go ahead and use what land we do have in our backyard to start learning how to do it NOW. so we've got it started, several watermelon plants already in that i transplanted out of my sfg so they might actually thrive this year. going to plant more seeds tomorrow if there isn't another downpour.

we went to ren's house last wednesday to just hang out for awhile, eat, and catch up, something we haven't done in what feels like ages!! we picked up ice cream on the way home and got there in time to watch so you think you can dance. days don't get too much better than that...or do they?

thursday we went to the library and met up with jess, tyler, and aleah to watch a very cool shadow puppet show by hobey ford. the boys weren't interested so they hung out in the library while we went into the activity room for the show.
afterwards, we went to jess' house to hang out, eat, and catch up (seems like a theme lately). samuel and tyler worked on a cybug creature together while jess showed me her new landscaping and sfg space which is totally cool! sadie and silas played with aleah and had a mini-concert with the keyboard which made me and jess twitch a bit as we've both heard the demo songs more times than we'd like to count. we headed home only to find it dark when we got there. the electricity was out due to the storm that had been going on and off all day. i said to the kids, "well, we'd better eat this ice cream before it melts!!" no arguments there, so we sat on the porch where there was more light than in the house and ate ice cream and talked. suddenly the lights came on and we went in to escape the skeeters and watch the elimination episode of SYTYCD. we only missed 20 minutes of it!!

on friday, i "finished" the pastel/painting i'd been working on and hung it up... just in time for the traaseth's arrival!! lots of hugs and kisses later, we headed to the gavin's house to ride together to downtown jonesborough for music on the square where we met up with the allens, wechgelaers, and chittums. we hung out on "the blanket" and were a little too loud for the people around us (sorry!!).

then it was back to our house for a little pizza and conversation...

we had a huge 2 night sleepover and general beautifulness with friends...

on sunday, abbi did a little make up...

these kids are all just so great together! scotty said to me "they have no personal space" and i said "yeah, but in a good way!" and that was exactly how he meant it!! it is sooo cool to see them just BE with each other. they sit practically on top of each other and hug all the time.

after everyone went home on sunday, i decompressed a little by reading and falling asleep for about 15 minutes when scotty got home and we decided to get a movie. we watched he's just not that into you which was a pretty decent movie, i guess.

on monday, i FINALLY sent in the "grades" for homeschooling and re-enrolled the kids for the next year. that is always so much less work than i imagine it will be and i end up wondering "why did i put that off until the last possible second??" then i worked in the garden!! i added peat moss to my little hills and transplanted the watermelon plants to what we refer to as "the back 40." then i picked what is probably the last of the early summer spinach and lettuce. these bowls are much larger than they look in this, yeah, LOTS of green yummies!!

we got a couple more movies and i fell asleep watching gran torino so i finished watching it on tuesday afternoon (it is an excellent movie, btw). then deanna came by and picked up sadie so she could hang out with them for awhile. scotty and i took the tiller back to ren and bleu, picked up 2 straw bales at lowe's, returned a defective bike pump to wal-mart, stopped at auto zone to get a new vacuum valve for the jeep, put it on and then headed home to get ready to go to deanna's house for supper. we enjoyed a long evening of good food and friends (but not necessarily in that order!), came home and i went straight to bed!!

this morning is all about rain and more rain. so i paid some bills online, played on facebook (aka facesuck), and finally decided i should do a blog post. voila!!!

we'll probably watch star trek: enterprise later when the kids are up and then i will work on some illustrations i started for ren's book...yep, i finally started on them!!



gail said...

This post with all the pictures just made me Happy, Happy, Happy!! Wish we had been there.

Mary said...

Makes me miss JC a little....would love to hang out w/you if we ever come that way!

Ren said...

You mean people go to MOTS to listen to the MUSIC???;) *gasp*

The makeup looks loverly and I am totally enjoying the new music.

kelli said...

It was a great time and .. Yay! the illustrations! wahoo! :)

Ren said...

I think it just finally sunk in that you said ILLUSTRATIONS!!! Omg...I'm so super excited. We might get it out this year eh? No pressure. :)

Madeline said...

Everyone looks so happy and beautiful. Nice makeup Abbi. I miss all of you. I love that you call the plants the "back 40".

I too leave teh hschool requirements to the veeeery last second. I have a block about it.

mindy said...

Love this post...full of friends, family and fun!