Sunday, October 19, 2008

full moon circle

okay, some of my ladies (kass and ren) have put up their posts about our full moon circle i thought i'd better play along too. i'm so behind on so many things i'd like to post about for this summer. oh well. we had an awesome night...and scotty got to come too!!!! there was some great food and drinks, dancing, drumming, singing (in rounds and sometimes even without real words), playing instruments, conversation (lots of that), running around like mad, telling hilarious jokes (especially tyler and jess), LAUGHING like lunatics (especially heather who is always such a wonderful audience for my silliness), and so much more!! so here are some pix to enjoy!! i didn't take too many this time...

jess and kass practicing some zumba moves

chit chat in the kitchen

heather up close bein' freaky

sadie, sierra and dairbhre playing on the 'puter

these 2 guys sayin' "how small can we make our lips look?"
ren and scotty nibblin' with the kids

my ladies in the kitchen gettin' drunk!!

tyler, jayden and rowan lovin' a guinea named tomy

the lovely dave and that lady he likes so much

a bunch of kids putting together this thing called invisible donkey

point and shoot, dave, point and shoot!

hope you enjoyed...



Heather said...

After a crappy day of slaving away for The Man, it's so nice to see these pictures and relive such fuzzy sweet memories. I love y'all.

Ren said...

Yes. I agree.:)
I take these memories and hugs from my kids and wrap myself in them for insulation against the things that don't matter at all in this world.

It was a lovely night, with quite lovely peeps. Lovely lovelyness.:) yep.