Wednesday, January 30, 2008

nothing, etc.

i've found lately that nothing aesthetic interests me. i'm still enjoying dabbling with all the new knotting techniques i've learned. but really, i am not excited about anything artsy these days. it sort of feels like floating. thankfully, there is still music.

i've been listening to a lot of kimya dawson since seeing the movie "juno" recently. i wish there were some of the songs i have on projectplaylist so i could share them here but the only songs they have are from the movie and the songs i have aren't. there is one that is really catchy and stays in my head, it's called "blue like nevermind." and there's another that i'm going to put on a cd for scotty, it's called "you love me" and i thought i'd share the lyrics as i haven't done that in awhile. it says a lot about me.

"you love me" by kimya dawson
i moved around from town to town
lots of people around, but still so lonely
friendships would grow then i'd hit the road
making up excuses for why i had to leave
always been too scared and unprepared
to let anybody get too close to me
but when i met you right away i knew
you would never ever ever hurt me
and the road's still long but you come along
and you hold my hand and you understand
when i look at you i can't believe it's true
you're all i ever dreamed of and you love me
and you love me, and you love meShare

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