Wednesday, January 23, 2008


not much.

just thought i'd share some funny.

while eating lunch today, the kids were talking about the rumor they heard this weekend that the sesame street character "cookie monster" would be changing his name to "veggie monster." they didn't like that at all, thought it was a really bad idea if it was true. i looked it up just now and it seems like it is just a rumor after all. anyway, sadie wanted to see if it was on and so while i was doing dishes after lunch they were looking for it on tv. it wasn't on but there was another show on and i overheard the following:

silas: they must think all kids are lazy!

...indistinguishable tv chatter...

silas again: oh man, now i think they think all kids are just stupid.

so now i know. this must be why my kids lost interest in "educational programming" some time ago. the people who make the shows apparently think all kids are lazy and stupid...according to silas anyway.Share

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