Wednesday, February 13, 2008

argh, the time flies

well, the clock says i have 17 minutes left here. i'm at the library and just done with reading and responding to email and reading some of my favorite blogs. so i thought i'd put in a little time here real quick.

what's up lately? not a lot really. but then, that is not true i don't think. the kids have been doing a lot of playing outside...which always surprises me when anyone wants to go out in the cold. but it really hasn't been that bad, they go out in t-shirts and flip-flops. oh my. they've also been doing a lot of cooking and baking with me. i'm proud to say i've let go of most control-freak moments about them using the stove and knives. i've also been open about food choices. i still have moments where i tell them i would like to see them eat something at least once a day that is a fruit or vegetable. and i have to pull back a little and try not to put so much negative judgment on their choices.

we went to sofh last week and that was a really good time. i got to meet carrie and jamie. they are really nice, we stayed and talked when everyone else left, we didn't leave until about 3:30. i think i might have talked more than i had to anyone all week. sorry for that carrie, i hope your ears recover. i am not usually such a chatterbox. the kids loved seeing so many little babies and again asked if we couldn't just please have one more. we met audrey and her wee ones. she asked if silas was for hire. that made me laugh, he is so so good with babies. so is samuel. my nurturing little men. oh, how i can't wait to see them as fathers. no, wait. i CAN wait for that. somebody stop the clock already. samuel will be 13 in a few short months. where did my baby boy go??

ah, so much more and so little time. well, there is always another day to tell our stories.Share

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