Saturday, December 01, 2007

my latest obsession

okay, i just stumbled across the best site. i thought projectplaylist was ubercool...until i started playing around on this site:

it's just a lot of fun to find music and create playlists. you can even journal. actually it's real similar to projectplaylist. but new toys are fun even if they're a lot like your old toys!!!

i think this is the link to my profile there:
it's not done yet, i just started it. i'll have to come back and work on it more later.

check it out and enjoy.Share


pseudoscholar said...


love the blog. i saw you mentioned rascals in one of your previous comments. remember the idea of "the snakepit"? trying to sell doughnuts to raise capital for the club? thanks for the links to projectplaylist and love the music on your player. if you haven't already check out: band of horses, rosie thomas and coldwar kids. say hi to family...


laura said...

holy cow. i was thinking about the snakepit the weekend of ARGH. we had a discussion about turning passions into profits and it surprised me to realize as we were all naming off things at random that we would love to do that i still have the desire to open a teen club. and selling doughnuts, crap!@!!! man i got some kickin' boots out of that!!!

thanks for the music suggestions!!