Monday, December 31, 2007


ren memed me and i'm late getting to it, but here goes:

here's the meme:
1) Post a note about a blogger you would like to see something wonderful happen for. Maybe one whose posts have touched your heart in one way or another. Include details as to why you admire them and what you wish for them. Be as supporting and affirming as you can.

2) Post your favorite memory around selflessness, giving or doing for others. Something that has actually changed you.

3) As a postscript, name one thing you will actually do for someone in your life before December 31 that is born out of joy.

4) Tag 3 other bloggers who will play the game and find the spirit. Don't forget to leave a comment on their blog so they continue to share the good feelings.

1) a blogger that i love and have only met once personally is heather. she inspires me with her quest for unschooling information and her desire to unschool her children. she is also sparkly and creative and fun and i admire her art work. what i wish for her is that she learns to let go of the struggle. that she will just dive right into this unschooling life and ENJOY it.

2) i think most days as a mom are selfless. BUUUUUT, if i have to pick any one moment, it would have to be the moment i realized i can say YES more. this relates to my last post about food as well as just more yeses in general. this could easily get long so i'm going to try for brevity. life has changed a lot since then. saying yes requires me to be more available. not that i've been unreachable but i have had moments of "not right now" and getting away from that has been freeing. i haven't been as anxious about food as i thought i would be either.

3) i already did this one. the other day scotty was saying how much he loved the gogol bordello cd i got for him for christmas and how he really wanted more. so while he was in the shower i downloaded "super taranta!" from and burned a cd with a cool picture of them that i found for the cd cover. he was really excited about it. it was unexpected and it made me happy to send him off to work with a big smile.

4) i tend to not tag. and given that it is the 31st already, well...Share

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rupestur said...

Aww, La, you're so sweet. I too hope that I can just dive in-- the new year is on the rise, and this is my most favorite time of the year. It feels so good to be through all the holiday crap by now, that I don't think I could be feeling so great if I hadn't just went through the insanity!

I'm proud of you for the food obstacle. That is an issue I'll have to face soon enough, and it's nice that you've gotten past it. I know how hard that one is.

Man, now that all the zany holiday chaos is over, we need to hang out!