Sunday, October 20, 2013

whenever i start having hateful feelings about all of the modern technology that is super distracting to me, all i have to do is wait. just wait a darn minute and something will happen to remind me just how fantastic it really is. like right now, scotty is miles and miles away from me, yet we were chatting and commenting on things together on facebook. you might say, well, there was always the phone…but neither of us has ever ever ever enjoyed talking on the phone. somehow chatting (and yes, sending silly stickers and personal blind typing challenges are a part of that) just works better for us.

and last night while i was watching the movie “on the road”, sadie and silas went in the kitchen to make ramen…and never came out. but i could hear them in there. they weren’t dead. they were laughing and talking…for 2 hours. finally when the movie was almost over i went in and they were sitting on the floor laughing and proceeded to tell me they were snap chatting. with each other (and probably a gazillion other people miles and miles away). and earlier in the day (or maybe it was yesterday) silas finally got an instagram and within minutes he said “i already have 3 followers!” and it was because within minutes sadie was able to tell their friends (who are miles and miles away) about it. and i just stood there and said “you guys have no idea how unbelievably cool it is to live right now” and went on to explain things like long distance phone calls that were limited to 3 minutes and letters that took days. things they’ve heard me wax on about before. but it’s just so endlessly cool! they can tell a friend something in just seconds…and it can be super personal and deep or it can be that they just painted their brother’s fingernails…with pictures!!

so i’ve been on this crazy fence about how i’d like to reduce the technology in my life. but i get these glimpses of perspective and i realize it’s not the technology i need to rid myself of…it’s that i need to manage my time better. and i bet there is a fancy modern technology device somewhere that could help me with that…Share

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