Thursday, March 06, 2014

me and my girl

tuesday afternoon, sadie and i decided it was time to go get our noses pierced together! so we did! it's something i've wanted to do for over 25 years. i wasn't allowed to when i was a teen and later i just never did, i was busy with school and then i got married and then i had kids and it was just not high on my list of priorities. but i always wanted to. and thought about it on and off over the years. i got a wild hair about a month ago and i started thinking how it would be a fun thing to do with sadie. and when i asked her she was into it. 

we went to Ink Revolution Studios and i nervously filled out the forms. when we went back to the room i was excited but a part of me was like "what. are. you. doing?!" luckily we had a great person doing the piercing, his name is mouse, and he was friendly and patient and answered all my questions about pain. so then it was happening, he had the clamp on my nose and i was breathing in and out and suddenly i said "wait." i was considering not doing it. i got a rush of fear. i have had 3 kids without drugs. i knew i could do this. it wasn't so much about the pain...but about whether or not the pain was worth the thing i wanted. i took a few more breaths and said "ok, go!" and he did it and it hurt. but differently than i thought it would. it was a stinging pain. i hadn't expected that. but then it was over. and when he took off the clamp there was a rush of relief...stupid clamp. and it was done! 

then it was sadie's turn. she was nervous too, she says she doesn't handle pain well. but she did great, didn't hesitate like i did. but it did hurt and she teared up. but when he took that clamp off you could see and hear her relief. 

we talked about aftercare and he told us about all these other kinds of cool piercings and then we were on our way. we were both filled with adrenaline as we sat in the car trying to get a good selfie together and laughing like hyenas. 

it was like we were kinda drunk but also kinda high. you gotta love adrenaline! we went to target to get anti-bacterial soap and i don't know what happened while we were in there but i know we wandered around giggling a lot. we got the soap and then went to Pal's to get fries and cheese sandwiches. yum. we came home and ate and posted pics of our adventure and then watched the movie Waiting for Forever. it was a pretty perfect day!

i'm at this point in my life where i'm realizing THIS IS IT. this is the one life you have. it's crazy to spend so many years wanting to do something and just not do it, especially something you actually CAN do. unlike some other things. i wonder what other longings just got shifted from the "impossible" to the "possible" list in my head...(psst...i've never ever wanted a tattoo, but now i'm sort of thinking about it. something super simple. i already sort of have it designed in my head!...ssshhhh). but i've never been on a plane. which means i've never been to any of the countries i'd love to visit. i've never even been out west. i want to figure out how to do things that i have come to simply accept that i would probably never do. just lots of thinking happening.

anyway...back to me and my girl...

last night we had another girls-night-out. we went to our favorite Korean Taco House for some delish noodles (i also had a yummy veggie taco). afterwards we had a little time to kill so we tried walking around but there wasn't much to do (sadly) and it was cold so we headed over to Blue Moon Dinner Theatre (which normally has plays but recently started doing older movies on wednesday nights) even though the movie didn't start for half an hour. it was really cool because the guy who showed us around was really interesting and told us about the play that's currently going on about 2 couples staying in a cabin and the next one which is about fairy folk and he told us about it in an irish accent. i'm hoping we'll make it to both plays. this was our first time going and it was a real relief. see i make plans in my head to do things at places i've never been to and often i get really nervous and i will end up not going. new places freak me out. but once i go (and have a positive experience) i get a calm and extreme happiness that washes over me. because i know that next time i want to go i will be able to without anxiety (usually).

so we sat and talked for a bit, looked at local magazines, got popcorn and finally it was time for the movie... The Princess Bride. which is the second classic movie i've introduced to sadie this week (the first was Say Anything...)

we went home and sat quietly looking at our devices for a bit and even though it was not even 9 yet i was feeling ready to go to bed. so i read for a little bit before falling asleep. and that is what a good evening looks like for me.

i am really enjoying spending time with sadie as she is growing into a young woman. it's so easy for both of us to just spend time quietly in our own little worlds, both content to just huddle up at home in blankets watching tv shows and movies or doing things online. i don't want to let too much time slip by without also spending time face to face, doing things together that involve a little more reaching. because time goes by too fast these days. and i don't want to miss anything. (did anyone just now hear steve tyler singing...i don't wanna close my eyes, i don't wanna fall asleep cuz i'd miss you baby and i don't wanna miss a thing...sorry.)

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