Sunday, August 30, 2009

OMG...another post...learn nothing day

okay so friday, july 24th was learn nothing day and we met again at rock creek with friends for some food, fun, water, and NO LEARNING...NOT!!

i DID NOT get in the freezing cold water, but the kids did and they had a blast! mostly i hung out at the picnic tables eating and playing games.

one of the coolest things of the day was that ren saw a car with window marker on it that was about unschooling but didn't know who it was. when the car pulled back around to the picnic area, we swarmed them to find out who it was. turns out jana, jake, and josh were staying at the rock creek campground and thought the get together was the next day. they had just gotten there but i think they hadn't actually planned to come until later, so that was cool how it worked out. ren had met them at a conference recently so she introduced them to everyone. they ended up staying in the area for awhile and coming to several of our other get togethers and we made them official east tennesseans. in fact, they may be heading back this way for keepsies! hurrah!!

enjoy the picture show...

these kids rock, except samuel who never lets me get a good picture of him!!!!

sweet love...
true love...
sadie and sierra hang out in the back of ren's truck...wake up sadie!!
this is a little game we like to play called "attack the traaseths!"

oh, did i mention that jana has 2 unbelievably cute puppies!?

best friends!!
stop fighting you crazy kids!
that's jana!!!
gonna ketch us some fishies!
everyone hanging out...

these rest of these pictures (except the very last one) were taken by karina...i let her go nuts with my camera...i only shared a fraction of what she took, that girl is crazy with a lens!!!...
the "bonfire" that trevor kept stoking...i think he was trying to smoke us out!
say cheese ren!
4 little monkies sittin' on a bench...
playing rummikub!!! when i first saw this picture i thought abbi was holding a hot dog...LOL
even though alec wasn't feeling good, he still played games with us!!!

silas sporting sierra's jacket!

as the day was coming to a close...more games!! look even ren is playing...or is she just watching....hmmm????
as it was getting close to dark, we packed up all our stuff and headed to jana's campsite for a marshmallow roast!! it was an awesome day. in case i have never mentioned this before...i absolutely LOVE my friends. you guys make this life complete!!


Ren said...

I love these...and yes, friends make life complete. Thank goodness for you my dear friend.:)

kelli said...

aw, it makes me miss you guys so much! I will see you soon! :)