Sunday, February 22, 2009


i haven't felt like doing much blogging although there's a lot going on right now that i could blog about and i'm sure i'll get around to eventually (maybe), but doing tags is easy for my brain at the moment so here goes another.

mindy tagged me with this sweet one: it's called "hooked on your blog" and i'm not really sure i understand the image that goes with it as there really is not a link to anything...anyway...

six things that add to my happiness and joy!! i'm going to go with what is on my mind in this moment:

1. it was warm and sunny yesterday so the kids and i went for a walk around the neighborhood.

2. early morning love-making.

3. we have a huge, and i mean really huge (think 15), group of cedar waxwings living near our house now that swoop around the bushes and trees all the time.

4. the boys are playing some wild and silly game right now called "WoW meets crazy idea that samuel had meets harry potter entrance exam and quoting youtube videos" with costumes and everything.

5. sadie figured out a cool way to use her old tights, so she just now brought me some scissors and had me cut them off for sleeve/wrist warmers...and she's really happy with them. she's now pulling ALL of her tights out to see which ones she wants to do next!

6. i'm looking out the window and it's snowing. and although i really don't like the cold, there is something simply beautiful about new-fallen snow. and it reminds me of how cozy our life is inside our house and how lucky we are to be here together everyday.

okay, now here is the fun part...tagging...who shall i tag??? is it 5 people? okay...

jessica, who never fails to surprise me and make me smile (thanks for the bag!!).
ren, who is like a big sister to me as well as a friend (you can be both apparently).
cheryl, who i really miss being best friends with and living in the same town together.
kelli, who i am just getting to know although we've met several times.
brenna, who married the man i didn't and shares the best stuff on her blog.


Brenna said...

love the song playing in the background; and ditto about snow fall; some of my best childhood memories hold snow as center stage :)

Madeline said...

We looove Cedar Waxwings and so rarely get them in our yard or at our feeders. I'm so happy for you. Did you take that picture?!

laura said...

no i didn't take that picture, google images =)

i'm a little worried about the birds, yesterday the neighbors cut down a HUGE tree...for no apparent reason and i'm hoping and hoping and hoping it did not have their nest in it!!

Ren said...

This post of yours was a big, old warm hug for me.:) Just what I needed.

Now to come up with some stuff....what fun! Love and miss you!!