Wednesday, December 10, 2008


recently, samuel was invited to join some local artists to hang out and draw at the local comic book shop where he sells his comic. he had a really great time!! he'll be doing it again soon but this time he'll have his new issue of GUILD ready to sign and sell!!!

you can look at his comic site here (be sure to click on "latest" to take you to the most recently added page):

in other news...scotty starts a new job today!!! yeah!!! we will still be building and promoting thyme for toast but in the meantime we'll have some extra money coming in. he will be working with the troutdale company at their troutdale bistro location in bristol. so please go check them out and say hi!!!

also, i did a write up for thyme for toast that was published in the most recent issue of the loafer, our local entertainment guide. we picked up an issue last night after going out to celebrate the new job and didn't realize it was going to be in there. what a nice surprise!! now i'll have to check out all the other papers that i sent press releases to...that should be fun!!!


Beachbum said...

Kade loves his copy of much would it be to ship one of the new ones to CA?

Yea on the job!

Jessica said...

How wonderful! I have never eaten at the Troutdale, but heard it is great, it is only going to be better now, eh? Great news all around, Samuel looks pretty much in his element, Aleah really enjoyed watching him sketch at Alice's house. Jessica

Madeline said...

Yay on the job! great pictures of Samuel. I have loved catching up here.

Ren said...

Way to go Samuel!!:)

gail said...

Yea for Scotty's job! And very nice, Samuel. Cool picture.

mindy said...

Samuel, you ROCK!!!! I feel so lucky to have won the L&L drawing you did for the talent show/raffle.