Monday, May 23, 2005

another good joke

silas told me a good joke today:

s: "how many chins does a fortune teller have?"

me: "i don't know, how many?"

s: "four chins, fortunes...get it??"

he told me this outside of the church we had just been in to celebrate my niece's 8th grade graduation. this is the first time in over 10 years i've been to a church service, and that time was for a wedding (at the same church even!). it was strange, i still know the whole ceremony...has anyone ever been raised catholic and not still known the mass by heart?? weird.

quote for my state of mind today and from a song that won't get out of my head:
"i thought that i'd outgrow this kind of thing. tell me, aren't we supposed to mature or something? i haven't found that yet, is this as grown up as we ever get? maybe this is as good as it gets. years may go by, but i think the heart remains a child. the mind may grow wise, but the heart just sulks and it whines and remains a child."
from - "the heart remains a child"
by - everything but the girl (i adore them, <---click here to check them out!)


the Contrary Goddess said...

I still know the Nicene Creed. When I was little, I didn't know what a "Pontius" was so I thought it was a "conscious pilot"

laura said...

that's better than an unconscious pilot any day

the Contrary Goddess said...

woops, make that the Apostle's Creed -- that's the one I remember from childhood. Yes, I looked them up. Besides, Methodists always go for the shorter version -- very concerned that church not go over noon. Like getting off of work on time. Funny! Anyway . . . thankful not to BE any of those labels now.