Sunday, October 03, 2004


written 10-1-04
Well, we finally arrived. Our first day consisted of unpacking the uhaul and organizing where all the boxes would go. Scotty had to go to work that afternoon--fortunately it wasn’t his day to drive (he has been car-pooling which works out great for us since he works so far away I would probably never take him to work to keep the car). So the kids and I were at home being overwhelmed by all the boxes and mess when I realize that we can go somewhere for supper…we have the car!! So we head down folly road looking for a place to eat, next thing we know we are on folly island (which is only 10 minutes away). So we park the car and go to a little smoky restaurant/bar local hang out type place at the beach. They have a really good veggie burger. We actually enjoyed ourselves for a change, mainly because I tried not to get too uptight about the kids playing around the video games and jukebox and I let them each pick a song to play. It was a good first day. The following week I spent a lot of time just trying to make the place livable. I haven’t gotten the dining room table finished yet so we are using a card table for the kids to eat at, but mostly I’ve been letting them eat on the floor while watching videos. I know, I know, bad idea, but with all the work I have to do it just makes things easier. Oh here’s something cool, yesterday morning, before scotty had to go to work, he decided that we needed to get out of the apartment for a little bit so we went to the beach for about 30 minutes and then came home. It was amazing to be able to just jump in the car and go to the beach and be home in less than an hour. And we really needed it, we’ve had a cold all week and the fresh air helped a lot. Well, anyway that’s enough for now.


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