Monday, August 30, 2004

my best friend's blog

my dear friend, denise, has added my blog to her blog! (funny thing is that she started hers before i did and i never knew about it and we both chose blogger, cool). and what did she title her post? "my best friend's blog"!!! all i could do was cry when i saw that, thing about me is that friendship has never come easy, never. no one has referred to me as a "best friend" since i was in the 8th grade!! i am 33, that is a long time. and since the feeling is mutual, well, i am just all emotional. to top it off, this is the person i have to say goodbye to in about 3 weeks when we move!! this sucks! but here is her cool blog. she is an amazing cowgirl living a life that i once dreamed about--homesteading--until i saw firsthand that i am probably not up to all that it requires!! i've got a little too much "city" in me!

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